ArtHome is a combination of hard work and passion. I have been working in real estate sales and rental for several years, and my approach to work is both professional and unique.

I want the apartments that I find for my customers to be their dream come true, a place where they can feel good and comfortable.

The official name of my profession is real estate broker, however I prefer a less conventional term – pearl diver.

The real estate market is vast and it is difficult to find a place that meets all our expectations. From among hundreds of offers, I pick out only the real gems and these are the apartments I
offer to my customers.

This is all thanks to my extensive professional experience, good knowledge of the real estate market and female intuition – as evidenced by numerous references from many happy Customers.

I have always been interested in interior design and I often did it as a hobby. With time, the "hobby" acquired a new dimension and I decided to approach the topic in more professional manner. I finished an interior design course, and in order to address the numerous inquiries received from my customers, I expanded the business profile to also include interior design.

Your apartment is like your business card and you should make sure it is beautiful, comfortable and functional. Carefully selected home staging services can affect the value of real property and change its perception in the eyes of a potential buyer. This is how the most pleasant work in the world came to be – home staging, borne out of passion for beautiful interiors.

We look forward to cooperating with you
Jolanta Żur
Owner of ArtHome